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I am 14 years old and I am always very turned on could you please give some some straight forward instructions (not using all the technical words as I don't know them lol) On a safe way to masterbair bearing in mind I am accompanied by my parents most of the time and are unable to get anything like sex toys please I need help!


It's masturbAtion not masterbaition.

Ok. Are you a girl or a boy? That's very very important, I guess you know they are not the same down there, so masturbation is different depending on the sex.

Masturbation for boys is easy to figure out, so I'll assume you're a girl.
I'll begin with your parents problem. You can do it late at night when they are sleeping, or wake up early before them. Another moment most people do it is at the shower, nobody is going to bother you there. Some girls make a lot of noise when they masturbate (they moan), making noise is not something you can't control, so be aware of that. Since is not possible to know if you're the noisy type before doing it, your first time you should do it when no one is at home, so that you can relax and not be afraid of getting caught if you start moaning.

Now to the techniques.
First you need to find your clitoris (if you haven't done it yet). That's a part of your vagina. Its the most sensitive part and is the one most girls use to masturbate. To find it sit on your bed with your legs wide open (and obviously naked). Starting from your belly bottom and going down is the place where your vagina starts, where the two lips that form your vagina met, just a bit bellow that, between the lips, is a small knob of flesh. That's your clitoris.
To masturbate you just have to rub it. Put the tip of your fingers over it and start rubbing in circles, and don't stop until you have an orgasm.
You'll know if you have an orgasm because your vagina will start throbbing, and your legs may shake or get all cramped up, and you'll feel really good. After an orgasm you may feel tired, and you'll have the feeling that if you keep rubbing it would be like starting all over again.

Another way to masturbate if you can't find your clitoris is to hump a pillow. Just lay face down in your bed, rise your ass a bit and put a pillow between your legs. Then start rubbing your vagina against it using your hips.

Ask me if you have more doubts and happy masturbation :)