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Hi I'm 13 years old and I need to find good ways to masterbate(please don't say I'm too young) I cant use sex toys as I live with my parents so I need ways to masterbate hope you guys have tips


Don't worry, you're not too young. Some girls masturbate from a way smaller age (though they find it by mistake).

Most girls masturbate by stimulating their clitoris. That's the most sensitive part of the vagina, so is the one that gives more pleasure.

To find it you have to sit down with your legs wide open, with your knees as far apart from each other as you can and feel comfortable. Going from top to bottom, starting from your belly bottom and going down, you'll find the place where you vagina lips meet and the "line" of your vagina starts. A bit bellow that, more or less 1 or 1,5 cm down, between the lips that make the "line" you'll find a small knob of flesh, that's the head of your clit. Some girls have a hard time finding it because either their clit is really small or they have big lips and it's hidden between them. You can use a mirror to see everything down there better. And shave your hairs (if you have any) if they get in the way and don't let you see
Just for you to know. Under the clit is the urethra, the place were the pee comes out, and going down, before your ass starts, is your vagina whole.

To masturbate just rub the head of your clit until you have an orgasm.

My advice is that once you've found your clit, you lay down, close your eyes, start rubbing and just go along with the feeling. If you can't find it just fumble around with your fingers and, see where it feels best and rub there. Or you could just put your palm over your whole vagina and rub everything. Just do what feels best for you. A huge part of masturbating is about learning what you like the most.
You may fail to reach an orgasm or feel good the first time, but that's ok, just keep trying, masturbating really good takes practice.

I don't recommend fingering your whole. It just doesn't feel as good as the clit and you may break your hymen if you're not careful. But if you still want to try, make sure you're really wet down there (think of naked people or watch porn to get wet). Put one finger on the entrance and push in slowly, as deep as you feel comfortable, and if it feels good start moving it in and out. If that goes ok you can repeat the process adding more fingers. Just remember to be really wet before you put anything down there.

I guess that's all. If you have more questions, and I think you may have, just ask

Have fun with your orgasms :)



As to when and where to masturbate, do it when your parents are not at home, or at night when they're are asleep. Or do it in the shower, no one is going to bother you there and you'll already be naked. I advice it that the first time you do it when no one is at home, so you don't get stressed thinking they may come into your room and caught you, and you can moan and make a lot of noise without anyone noticing it.