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Hey guys,

I've heard some people talking about how their cats are stressed out and stuff, and I was like: "What"?

I never thought about this. I never even knew that my cat can be stressed and what would she even be stressed about? I know how I'm acting when I'm stressed out and I doubt that cats can do the same like, yell at the people all the time and curse them.

What if my cat is stressed and I don't know about it? I want to know when it happens so I can help her. 

So can you please tell me how to tell if your cat is stressed and what are possible causes?



Hey there Mima.

It is very easy to determine is your cat stressed or not. Cats are just like us – they can be stressed by several reasons. Here are some signs:

  • Your cat is urinating inside of the litter box,
  • She is having diarrhea and some other digestive issue,
  • Excessive scratching can be indicator of behavioral issues,
  • She is meowing too much,
  • She is hiding all the time,
  • She doesn’t want to eat,
  • She sleeps too much,
  • She is aggressive.

A lot of things can be the cause. For example, moving out, taking her space, new pet in the house…



Hello. Don’t worry Mima, if your cat is stressed you will find out this very soon. It is impossible that you don’t see it. First, when your cat is stressed her behavior will be totally different than usual. It is true that cats have “poker face” and that they suffer in silence but symptoms are obviously. For example, if you see that your cat is sleeping under the bed that is the first sign. Scratching, sweaty feet and less activities are also the symptoms. The biggest cause of stress in your cat can be in moving home where nearly all facial markings have been removed. I don’t have a clue what else can be.



I can talk about this for a whole day since all of my cats went through this period :) Yes, all of my cat were stressed :/

I believe that this is normal thing.

Let me tell you when I found out that my cat is stressed for the first time, my first cat.

I had a first cat when I was in the dorm. She was living in this small room with my.

When I finished the college I moved back to my home and she didn’t want to come with me at the beginning.

Later she was so stressed. I could not come close to her at all. She was hiding from me for 10 days, she was angry at me.

This is one of the main causes.

One of my other cats was stressed when I took her toys and I gave them to other cats :/

They are sensitive. You really need to calculate every step you take with them before you do something :)



Millie-cat is it possible that you wanted to write ‘’Your cat is urinating OUTside of the litter box’’? It makes more sense. In case you actually wanted to write ‘’inside’’ I should definitely be worried about my cat.:)

I’d say my cat is fine according to these other symptoms you mentioned. She sometimes has digestive problems, but that’s usually caused by some food.

She does sleep too much though, when I think about it. But I thought that all cats do that. Don’t they? Should I be worried?

She does not hide all the time and believe me, she eats! :)



Hey everyone.

Lol I agree with Mia about your mistake Millie :) I am sure that this is a mistake :) Never mind, we are here to correct them :) and to help everyone who is here and who wants our help :)

Well when my cat was stressed she was not hiding but she was aggressive.

And she was eating like a crazy! I could not stop her. When I tried to stop her she was aggressive, jumping on me and meowing a lot.

My cat was upset because of other pet in my home. She was stressed for more than 10 days and I was not able to help her at all.

After 10 days she accepted a new pet.




That’s strange. When my cat was depressed there was no way I could force her to start eating kibble or any of the regular food  she always ate before. I tried dry food, canned food, everything.

It was possible to make her eat bananas (her favourite) though, but not always. Only when she hasn’t eaten for a whole day.

Sometimes she would get aggressive only because I’m trying to cuddle with her. And that’s really not her nature so when that happens I know that something is wrong.

She acted like that once when she got attacked by my friend’s dog.



I just noticed that I wrote ‘’depressed’’ instead of ‘’stressed’’ in my post above. :D Never mind, you probably figured that it was a mistake.

But truth to be told, she is not much different when she is depressed either. She also becomes intolerant to her surroundings, she would become aggressive as soon as she is forced to do something that she doesn’t find pleasing.

The only difference is, when she is stressed she seems a bit frightened and when she is depressed she is more in a ‘’I don’t mind what you do, just don’t touch me’’ kind of mood.



Hahahahahahahah this is hillarious. :D

Thank you all for your answers really, not only did you help me, you made my day. :D

@CarlaNdNick you got my username wrong. :D I assume you wanted to say that you agree with me, and you are missing a letter there. :D But like you said we are here to correct each other’s mistakes. :)  And rubylock I was just about to tell you that we are not talking about depression here when you posted the second post. Till you posted it I was like- ‘’Am I the only normal person around here? ‘’ LOL