Hi, I have tiny, raised, see through bumps on the tops of my hands and the tops of my feet. They do not itch, cause any irritation and do not seem to be contagious.  I have had this problem for at least 10 years on and off and anyone else could probably only notice them in the right light. I had been to my GP (who happened to be a skin specialist) and he said they look like surface warts... Gave me some treatment and away I went. But that did absolutely nothing. referred me to another skin "SPECIALIST" who basically thought I was over reacting and gave me cream for eczema...did not work. I am bored and quite honestly too embarrased to raise the issue with another Doctor so I have been living with it for so many years.  I do not like it and am totally mortified by it as the rest of my body is actually in pretty good condition seeing as I am 42. My husband of 23 years has no idea about this problem as I have kind of been able to keep it from him. PS I fake tanned myself the other day and that totally emphasised the bumps, so I will not be using that again even though i have pale skin and it made the rest of my body look good. Please please please somebody help because I have no confidence in myself at all.