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Hi. I have been suffering from constant headaches that last for a week sometimes more. It starts on the one side of my head mainly on the temple and behind my eye of the effected area. Most over the conter medication have little to no effect. If I take something that most people will call migrane mix and go to sleep, the headache will be on the other side when I wake up. I have been looking around on the net and have read several articals. Some sounds like I am having cluster headaches but I am not sure. I have been to my docter but with no success to what this is. I really would like to find out more and find a solution to this.


it certainly does sound like cluster head aches, you dont mention anything about flashing lights while you are having the head ache, so i wouldnt go as far as to say it is a migraine, if it is migraine it is a mild one. the best thing to do is keep bugging your dr, keep going back, every time you have the head ache go and see the dr, the dr will then do some tests to rule out anything serious going on in your head. (i'm not trying to scare you, and it certainly doesnt sound like anything serious, so please dont worry)

it is always best to get things checked out to be certain there is nothing going on in there..

if it is cluster head aches there are some good medications your dr can prescribe for you.