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iam having dandruff problem for more than 8 years. now slowly it start developing white patches in my face and hands. i once consulted a doctor. he said white patches is a fungus disease and its mainly due to my severe dandruff problem only. is that true? is there any connection between dandruff and white patches. he suggested keto cream for my patches . but i dont find any improvement. i really felt bad to find patches expecially in my face? help me in this regard.....thanks


Hi Vidhyaramalingan

The dandruff and white patches are separate issues, kind of. Skin problems often manifest in many different forms.

For a skin fungal infection, ti-tree products are very good, but it takes long term consistent application of anything you choose to get rid of the fungus.

For your dandruff, often there is an issue with your diet that needs to be addressed. My first thought you eat a lot of cheese, other dairy products, or cakes and biscuits?

Regards, Olwen :-)