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Hello, Me and my husband have decided to start a family. We were uncertain about my beginning a diabetic type 1 and complications that might arise. So, I'm planning a pregnancy and need advice. I've had some trouble with managing my blood sugar levels in the past so I guess I need to change my diet to some degree to ensure a healthy pregnancy. I know it's important to start as soon as possible because you never know when you will get pregnant so I want to be prepared for what will come. For all of you out that who have type 1, do you have any suggestions for a beginner like me? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.


Hi, It sounds like you need to get your blood sugar levels under control as fast as you can which means changing your diet to some extent. Type ones tend to have a problem with hypers so you really need to regulate your carb intake throughout the day. You might try having eggs for breakfast with 1 to slices of whole wheat toast (pat of butter/oleo) and you can continue this into your pregnancy. In other words, eat now they way you will eat on your pregnancy. Your doctor will increase your Caloric intake when you are pregnant but for now keep your calories the same. You could work around 6 meals meaning 3 regular meals and 3 snacks. For lunch and dinner, you can start by having 4 ounces of a lean meat source/fish, green salad or veggies, brown rice and some fruit or yogurt. Your 3 snacks should be small such as whole crackers/bread, cheese, fruit or yogurt. This should get you used to the diet you will need to follow when you are pregnant making the transition so much easier. This type of diet worked really well for me and in fact other than reducing the calories after I gave birth, I've been following this diet ever since. Hope this was helpful. Wish you the best on your first pregnancy.