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Hey friends.


There are a few things that I am worried about. I have a lot of pets and I have a lot of dogs. And I think that I will buy or adopt more of them because I have enough space and time to keep them.

Sometimes I don’t feed them properly but I am trying to change this. Sometimes I was feeding my all dogs with human food. And my cats.

I never saw any changes and my pets never had trouble because of it.

Maybe this food is not that good but it makes me believe that it is not bad as well.

Can you tell me is human food good for our dogs and cats and why?


Hey Love Is Pet.


We were discussing so much about this food. I think that you do remember. For me, like a pet owner it is really hard to tell.

I was never feeding my Boo with human foods because some of people with experience told me that I should not do this at all.

So I didn’t. According to their experiences this is not good for pet’s stomach, skin, etc.

About my cat, my little Hope – I was feeding her. Sometimes I feed her with human foods.

She is healthy and I didn’t saw any side – effects.

But I think that we all should feed them with their, proper groceries.



Hey there guys.


It depends. I know that a lot of experts suggest us to avoid people foods for our pets.

I was reading a lot about it.

I know that this is a great way to save time. You don’t need to cook twice, you don’t need to spend a lot of money.

But we need to be aware that some foods that we eat are dangerous for cats and dogs.

Sometimes, wrong food decision can lead your pet to death. And you don’t want that. No one does.  

So I think that is better to learn what your pet should eat. It will be much easier.



Hey there.

It depends on what foods you are feeding your cat ofr dog with. I believe that you can feed them with human foods but only certain ones.

Here is a list of human foods that are allowed for your cat or dog.


You can feed them with:

  • Fish such as canned tuna but in small portions,
  • Cheese because it is good source of proteins,
  • Broccoli,
  • Eggs for breakfast (yes, it is true),
  • Melon (it is good because your cat will stop to eat home plants – my cat did this a years ago).

When you feed them with those foods you need to pay attention on portions – they needs to be smaller ones.



Hey. Generally I agree with certain groceries from Millie Cat’s list. With those groceries you really can’t go wrong. But if you are planning to feed your dog or your cat with human foods I will give you one advice- do not cook them. They are much better and healthier when they are raw. You should always keep this on your mind. Eggs are really good in any form – when you are making breakfast for your dog, dinner and even a treats, such as cookies and biscuits. But like with every other food you need to be careful when it comes to human food