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I need some help people. Have you ever heard about Ultimate Thermofit ?

The other day I met this girl at work who was all about healthy lifestyle, fitness and stuff like that. When she saw me going through some sites about weight loss products, she told me she has a suggestion that will certainly help me lose my weight. And then she told me about Thermofit.

That left me completely confused since I used this product before and I haven’t lose a pound. What did I do wrong?

What are your experiences, does this product really work for weight loss? 


The other day I was walking through the park with my friend Sarah and this woman came to say hello. It looked familiar but I wasn’t sure if I have seen her before. I thought she must be some Sarah’s old friend. That’s when it hit me. That was a secretary who worked with us for 3 years. It was very long time ago , but man, was she different. She got her hair dyed and she lost at least 40 pounds.

I asked her politely how did she achieve losing all that weight and she mentioned Ultimate Thermofit.

So I guess yes, it works.



Well, my experience is not that good. Actually I don’t have any personal experience, but I’ve learned a lot about Ultimate Thermofit by watching my friends use it.

Two of my close friends used it and neither of them was satisfied with the results.

Sam, my co-worker and a very close friend achieved losing about 12 pounds altogether. And he went swimming every day, running, he was doing his regular workouts... Melissa lost only 8 pounds and she was also exercising twice a week.

So if you are asking does it work, I would have to say yes, but it is not that effective.