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Hi Folks,

I've been browsing through the forum here trying to figure out the best running shoe for my conditions. Here are the details and I hope you can help me out.

My wife and I are heading out on an around-the-world trip that will last us about 1 year (if we can last that long!). We are not avid runners, but we plan on running to keep in shape. Since we'll be traveling alot, we'll be away from our gyms and since we want to keep fit, running will be the best way. The problem is that since we are traveling for so long and we can't take with us a pair of shoes for everything, we need to figure out the best shoes to take with us that works for just about everything.

What we are going to be doing most on this trip is walking, walking and more walking. But, we are planning on mixing in a lot of trekking as well. This combines both asphalt and off-road conditions. We are leaning heavily towards buying trail running shoes as our daily wear so that we have shoes that are more rugged than your typical running shoe which is important for hiking/trekking through mixed terrain. Plus, it seems like we should be able to use these trail shoes to run on both asphalt and rough terrain without any problems. My concern is that we are going to risk injury to our knees and/or ankles by running on asphalt with trail shoes. I haven't found consistent opinions about this anywhere on this forum or other forums.

Biggest question: If we are planning to run between 2-5 miles maybe 2-3 times per week on asphalt and the rest of the time spent walking (asphalt/fire trails, etc) and trekking/hiking (mixed terrain), what is the best choice of shoe: traditional running shoe vs. trail running shoe and why?

second question. Not as important, but opinions are helpful. We have running shoes, but we are looking at the trail shoes now. Between the following shoes, which is most recommendable? Brooks Cascadia 4, Adidas Revolt, Saucony Xodus or Mizuno Wave Ascend 4? I originally had the Asics Trabuco as well, but it has a slight Pronation correction and both my wife and i need neutral shoes, so we eliminated it.

i think this is everything for now. We are leaning towards the trail shoes, with the thinking that it is better to run on asphalt with trail shoes than it is to trek with running shoes on mixed terrain because the trail shoes are made for running and a running shoe, when worn on mixed terrain, will get torn up real bad. I really would know first hand opinions from running experts on this so we don't make a mistake on selecting our shoes.




For me, the best shoe to wear while running is mizuno. And the best socks to go with it is smartwool socks. Well, thats just me. You know what they say, every runner is different.