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Hey guys,

I've recently become sexually active, and have a few questions to ask those that are more experienced than I am. I hope these questions come across clear!

1) I understand that there are various types of orgasms (clitoral, vaginal, g-spot). I am able to have a clitoral orgasm but only if I'm doing the action. As much as my partner tries (we've been sexually active for about a month now) he can't make me have an orgasm in either three types. Is it just because I haven't gotten used to his touch?

2) How does anal sex feel? I'm just wondering if I'm the only one out there who feels like if I don't clench as tight as I can something's going to come out of me. I don't know if that's "what you're supposed to feel" or not, but even know we were both very lubed up I didn't really feel anything that made me go wow.

3) Does anyone have a nice technique for when the girl is on top? My partner really enjoys it when I'm on top, but I'm only 5' so it's a bit diffictult for me to move on top of him.

Thanks guys!


Well i kinda had that same problem with the orgasam....But it lasted like YEARS!! I was terrified and embarrrased and i faked every orgasam for like 5 years with my ex..That was silly and stupid dont do that lol...Took me like ten years to talk to a doctor and eventually i talked to a shrink about it cuz it bothered me so much..Turns out i just didnt feel safe... Once I relized that i was safe problem solved.. Sometimes it takes time to for ur psycological sexual sex to catch up to what u think ur ready for..Take ur Time and relax and take the precautions needed to make urself feel comfortable including useing safe sex so u dont have things to worry about afterwards. Feeling safe,loved, and comfortable and confindant is important to a healthy sex life.

Anal sex in my opinion is awesome witht he right man at the right time..It take s geting used to and some girls i have talked also said it felt like they where pooping also and it creeped them out. The anus naturlly expells waste. Thats it job and it doesnt know that we enjoy some things going in there so it will push against grain. Again my advice is to relax and if it doesnt make u go WOW now wait till ur a little older and more experienced.. I would wait till your already having orgasams with ur partner to try anal play.. That way u can at least enjoy what they call a a little pleasure pain..

On top... try squatting with ur feet planted firm on the floor and squatting up and down kinda tuff onthe Knees but awsome for her and him..

but remember BE SAFE USE CONDOMS no matter what any mans says...stay with one partner and even after u been together a while still USE CONDOMS!!!


for me the best way for u to have an intense orgasm is for u to sit down in a table or some resting spot and make ur boyfriend stand up while hes penetrating you!! youll like it