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So I'm 15 and straight. But I've been trying to get pleasure from anal masturbation. Sometimes I get a lot of pleasure just by using my fingers and some shampoo. But never to the point where I could orgasm. Also I can't masturbate without doing some kind of enema. Or else I start to get the feeling to poop and I have to hurry to the bathroom. For an enema I just use regular water and remove my shower head, and insert the water into my anus for a couple seconds then I go to the toilet and wait a couple minutes to get the water out.

My questions:

How do I get to an orgasm by anally masturbating?

Is there any other way to masturbate without having to take an enema so I don't have to poop.

Is there anything else to use other than my fingers, that is obviously safe?

I appreciate all the help!


I don't think that most people can cum anally. I can't. But it can....and does....make a regular orgasm even better, when you're doing it at the same time. :)

As far as the enema, maybe you could train yourself to poop at a different time of the day, so that your bowel isn't full at the time you normally masturbate.

As far as what to use......any cylindrical object with a rounded point should work. Candles, veggies, screwdriver handle, etc should work. Be creative. :)

And have fun.


Hi if u use a comb with the circle handles, disinfect it and suvk on it till it is wet then finger ur ass till u cant bear it and make a come here motion. Put anothr finger in and finger for a bit more. Dont stop. Next get ur wet comb and shove it up ur but. Pull it in and out as fast as u want. I attach sacks to it so it is like a penis. Hope i helped to get ready for anal sex or for pleasure. Its best in shower.
It works for me. If u pushnyour fingr the right way u can ake ur p***y wet. Rub ur p***y while fingering ur butt. Keep doing the right movement in ur butt and u can get an orgasm from just fingering. Its awesome. To me the come is best!!!