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First things first, I'm 24 and a virgin. Saturday night I'm definitely going to lose my virginity to a girl I've met who I really like. This thread is for me to explain why I'm a virgin, and why Saturday night is worrying me, it might be a bit of a long thread but PLEASE help!

Ok, so why am I a virgin? Well basically "first time anxiety" is killing me, it takes a very long time get an erection (a few times I've been unable to get one at all). I think the root cause of my anxiety isn't anything to do with size, but more to do with the fear of tearing my frenulum. When I was a teenager my foreskin was tight, I was advised to start stretching exercises, which I did, and now it's fine. While my penis is soft I can retract it fully, and when hard it retracts behind the glans fine with no pain or discomfort.

This is where the problems lie. When erect with the glans exposed the whole unit feels tight, although it doesn't hurt at all, and I wouldn't even say it's uncomfortable, it just feels tight. I'm worried that during sex the skin on the shaft will be pulled down further and then my frenulum will snap/tear, and the thought of spilling pints of blood all over the girl I'm meant to be losing my virginity to with fills me with fear. This fear is also what makes it hard for me to get an erection. If I knew my penis would survive sex I could relax and get the job done.

Even if the forces exerted on the penis during intercourse didn't tear my frenulum I'm worried that when I ejaculate it will tear then (you know when the head of the penis sort of swells up...). I have never ejaculated with the foreskin retracted, I have the skin covering the glans when I masturbate.

I'm thinking I should masturbate with the foreskin retracted before Saturday, then if the frenulum breaks at least it's not a bloodbath in my girls bed on Saturday.

Please help me if you can, absolutely anything is appreciated!


same problem mate.
but i tore it while i was having sex. fun fun.
ive been looking into a frenoplasty which should relieve the tension.