um ok when i was like 13 i was masturbating and like i had a real hard on and i used to pull back my foreskin while masturbating and then i pulled back my foreskin extremely hard and held it there and then ai felt a rip at my penis its the part of the underside of my foreskin that ripped the part thats is in the center its healed right im 16 now but im afraid that what if i go in sex and like i try go through the walls of the vagina and it popps again cause when i was 134 and the thing ripped it bled like crazy but i never said anything to my mum n stuff i just kept it to my self no i could still pull back my foreskin and when im erected i can pull back my foreskin but i do it with ease not to put tension on the part that ripped please help me i dnt know what to do and im afraid of circumcision think i should attempt sex hope it doesn't rip please help me i saw u guys on this website giving good advise please help me what should i do please help