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Change your diet. Let's face it, dieting does not work. In the past if you have tried dieting, you are aware of the yo-yo effect that it causes. You lose weight and gain it back. Then you repeat the process.

One must understand that getting fat does not happen in a vacuum. When you eat commercial food, processed food, food with preservatives and chemicals, you will gain weight and put your health at risk. Every animal in nature has a source of food that is
appropriate for its consumption. For humans, it is whole grains, beans, vegetables, seeds, nuts and fruit.

Here is a simple truth. If you can make these foods the largest percentage of your diet two things will happen. When you use this approach you will lose weight effortlessly. Your health will improve. It is that simple.


I think that while this is true, that being overweight is not necessarily an illness that has to be overcome. I think that people have different body types and that it can have an impact on different people the types of foods that they eat. Do you have any recommendations of other foods that you can eat then?