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I have had on-going tension headaches, which I believe were caused from my high stress job.

In the last 6 months, I have had 2 periods of feelings of frequent urination.
When I do urinate, only a small amount comes out.

I am wondering could this be associated with stress, like my tension headaches?

Or is there something I am missing?



The thing is that frequent urination can be caused by many things like diabetes or some problems with prostate. Now have you had any problems with these two conditions? You are having problems with stress at work and we all know that stress is very powerful when it comes to your health issues. It can cause you problems that you couldn’t even imagined that would happen to you. How much water have you been drinking in past several weeks?  It is advised that you need to drink at least two liter of water per day. If you don’t feel any pain while you urinate this should pass as long as you get enough of rest during the day and night.