Hi, after my 3rd baby i had a gallbladder attack, i thought i was dying i had no idea what was happening, this went on for hours. My hubby works away so had to call my parents, this happend again in the same week then about another 3 times that month i went to doctors who ordered an ultrasound. It turned out i had gallbladder sludge, i was booked into have my gallbladder removed after waiting about 5 months but fell pregnant again so it was cancelled, i went over a year without an attack then when my 4th baby was 2 months old it happened again multiple times over months.

That was it iv had enough i can birth 4 babies drug free but these attacks omg i could die, i researched and researched, changed my diet and drink loads of water and havent had an attack untill tonight, only very mild but i learnt as soon as u feel it coming on drink half a cup of organic apple cider vinegar followed by 2 cups of water and within 15mins im pain free  it doesnt always work everytime, iv also learnt to push really hard on the oposite side of where your gallbladder is and keep pressure on it, it hurts but that eases the pain... i notice if i have busy days and dont eat or drink ( like today) this brings on an attack so eat healthy drink loads of water and also i drink acv every day twice a day, hope this helps someone:)