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hi im 18 and i am seeking some advice. i believe i have a short frenulum. when erect i cannot pull my forskin over my glands but i can when i am flaccid. what i do is pull back my forskin when flaccid then become erect then my glands is exposed. but when i do this i dont think that i can have sex because i cannont masterbate like this because it hurts to pull my forskin any lower (i usually masterbate erect with glands covered with forskin). i have recently starting stretching and first time i pulled back my forskin was last week so. maybe if i keep stretching it will not hurt?
anyways i have never had sex before but i have a girlfriend and i think we are close to sex. so please i need some help. sorry for long read and thanks.


You only started last week? That's pretty good. Keep at it for a while. If the problem stays, try to have that minor procedure to take care of any problem.

For now, just use a condom and put it on with your foreskin a bit retracted, and you shouldn't have any pain. It could tear if you try to have sex without a condom though, so lay off that till it's taken care of. (although you should use condoms for protection anyway).