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? I am 37 years old, and have been pregnant once before but had to terminate at 6 weeks because of health reasons - pulmonary embolism. I stayed on Warfarin for about a year - after which I returned to my normal health. That was 5 years ago, and have since the past three years been trying to fall pregnant again but without success. I am very hairy - which is something that my doctor had noticed and commented about - but that was before I even fell pregnant. I haven't tried any medical help in finding out what could be the reason I am not falling pregnant again. My periods are very regular - though very light and last for about 2-three days at most. I am very active (exercise) and eating very healthy. Could hirtism be the reason why I am battling to fall pregnant again? OR Could there be anything that may have gone wrong whilst terminating my pregnancy that could impact on my ability to fall pregnant again - though no surgical operation was conducted.


Yes.   The excessive amount of hair, especially if on the face, can be a sign of polycystic ovaries.  This is simply abbreviated to PCOS (polycystic ovaries syndrome).  This can make it difficult to conceive if you have PCOS.  There is much literature about it and a fertility MD can check and see if this is you.  You have been pregnant so you know you can get pregnant which is a huge step.  Exercise is one of the natural ways to deal with PCOS.  Diet, what foods you eat, can help as well.


The other issue you put up her was the pulmonary embolism.  Unless you know exactly why you had the PE, I would ask them to investigate this.  If you have a genetic condition like Factor IV Liden, you need to know so you can be safe and healthy.


I have PCOS and Factor IV Liden runs in our family.  We have all had children but we knew what risks there were. Good luck!  Do ask your doctor.  These two things are  worth checking.