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I read the post about pot helping opiate withdrawl and i couldn't agree more. I have been an OC addict for two and a half years. In 2006 i had 4 consecutive invasive knee surgeries. Enough said. My doc put me on 40 mg of OC three times a day, paired with 5mg oxycodone six times a day. I have failed two rehab facilities and finally decided to wean on my own. I know i am not alone when i say this is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I lost my job, my marriage, practically my life. Currently i am trying many things to ease the pain of withdrawl. I have been off of OC since early may but i still dont feel right. I have found that the prescription drug Neurontin helps immensely, but mainly, id hate to admit it, but marijuana has played a major role in my recovery. It soothes any anxiety, puts you to sleep, and helps you eat. Anyway thought id put my two cents in. Good luck to all of you out there, know that you are not alone. This will end, if we let it.

I heard there is a lawsuit going on with the makers of oxycontin. Anyone know about that?


Please tell me its not true! I am only in day 14 of cold turkey detox from 24 mg. a day of suboxone after being on it for 2 years! I am in hell on earth right now and I cant go another week much less 3 months of this sh*t! Insurance wont pay for the sub anymore and doctors around here who dont anything about how this stuff sticks in your brain!!!! cant keep going to the emergency room everyday thinkin i am having a heart attack cuase after the first few times they dont care if you are having a heart attack or not! My detox doctor is teling me the suboxone is out my system already now ( day 14) which with the dose i was on 24 mg. a day for two years and the extremely long half life this c**p carries.... I highly doubt its out my system!! Any one help me>>???

I have personally experienced suboxone wd and can tell you that 168 days of counting gnarly wd symptoms and I picked up the needle again. Its such a strong opiate, whether it gets you high or not bcuz of the ceiling effect, it still bonds to those receptors in your brain stronger than any other opiate.. which for some reason makes the withdrawal impossible


I just found this forum, and thought that I would just get everything off of my mind. Maybe it is in hopes of finding people that can relate with me and provide some support. I appreicate anyone and everyone that take the time to respond, but at least let me just pour my heart out.

I sit here today, as the work day starts to come to a close, confused and ashamed. I am ashamed of myself, that I have allowed myself to come to this place...this place of darkness and lonliness. The pain that I have had from the past couple of years (emotional pain) all seems to be coming out. This is especially hard for me, as I am a person that my whole life has been this supposed rock, this person that people could rely on, this person that was both physically strong (weight lifter) and mentally and socially strong (consultant for a HUGE international firm). I sit here and reality has hit me...I am an addict.



For the past 2 years, I have been on and off opiates. They started when my wife and I lost our first baby. The baby wasn’t born yet, and I am not going to get into a political debate, but the child was as real to me as anyone has ever been. We had wanted a child for a long time, and had even had to go through IVF (15k a pop). That loss put my wife into depression and me into hydrocodone. Fast forward to blowing out two discs in my back, and having an MRI confirm that they are both “collapsed” (which is about the worst they can be), and you have my hydrocodone continuing. Fast forward a little more, to my wife losing yet another child (another IVF loss), and a friend offered to give me some of his oxycontin to help deal with my back issues and my overall depression (not the best friend in some respects). This turned me into a weekend user.

About two months ago, the weekend use became weekly use. I went on a binge over the past month, and used for about a month straight. There are a number of other issues in my life which have resulted in my continued use, but about a week ago, I decided that it was time to start getting off of these things. My wife has been supportive for a long time, but we now have twins on the way and thank God they are healthy. The reality has set in that I am going to be a father and that I need to get off of these things.

In trying to get off of them, I have certainly experienced some of the withdrawals that everyone writes about. Sweating, crying, mood swings, only thinking about when I can use again, inability to sleep, no desire to workout or do anything, just overall feeling horrible. I officially started last week, then fell off the wagon on the weekend, and have now been sober for 2 days. I have been feeling really lost and depressed, but am going to hang in there and keep going. I have to say that for the first time in my life, I am considering smoking some pot, since people have mentioned that it helped them get through the worst of the withdrawals. I don’t want to shift my problem to something else, but I can honestly say that these withdrawals are possibly some of the worst things that I have even been through.

Thanks for letting me post this. I feel like a total loser that I have gotten to this point, and I now have so much to be thankful for, yet all I want to do is ball up and cry, so seemingly no reason. This strong person that I once thought that I was is gone, and all that is left is this desperate person to enjoy a regular life again.


Coming off mild WD from a small month or two run with poppy pods plus a couple of 80s. If your WD is mild I would suggest getting a little herb, some beer, some immodium and some OTC pain med (Ibuprofen, Asprin etc). Try to taper down before you kick. Also use an OTC sleep med for sleep. Some kind of Tylenol PM med.

Most important factor in kicking: a true and genuine desire to quit and a positive attitude. You have to be able to keep telling yourself "it will be over" and "this is totally worth it, I will do it" over and over again.


the one who said smoking marijuana helps aleviate the syptoms ... what are u smoking ...not had my regular dose 2day .. but did do oc 80 to help till i could find my medicine ..every1 out omg... but only thing i've found and remember i've been at this over 15 years ...btw the 80 about 11am by 6pm in withdraws who can afford 80 or 100$a snort not me ...any waysthat help is tough it out and soak in hot tub for me i've got more weed than we can smoke it never helps me and valiums etc........ intensify the withdraws ....... gl two every1 :$


Well, I am going to start WD tomorrow, Saturday. I have a Dr appointment to start suboxone on Monday morning. I am scared to death of the next 2 days or so. After reading some post here I should be fine. Been dealing with narcotics since around 2002. Went on subs last May, had a real bad relationship with my Dr and ran out the script and relapsed. Yeah, I feel like a loser for that but without money or insurance.... sub was out of my grasp. That route is only for the Rich! My mom is paying the upfront fee but after that, me being unempl. but with medicaid.... it will be interesting. I took an OC 80 today, lasted about 6 hrs. I took 5 5mg perc. Tomorrow, (hopfully) I have 2 30 mg perc., 3 5 mg valuims, 1 2 mg xanax and one joint! I just have to get to Monday.

Last time I was on Subs, I did great, except for the mistrust from the Dr. See, I went in under my own power, no WD and not court ordered. She didn't trust me because of those reasons. I was treated right out of the text book and she always gave me a feeling she was scared or nervous. Ya know, being around a bad junkie! I was judged and sterotyped.

Anway, today is Friday and I hope to get to Monday without much mishap. I want my life back like everyone else here. So, people, I am scared as hell but am at peace. I am scard to smoke some of that joint because it MAY amplfy the WD effects. Anyone confirm this? I haven't smoked weed in 20 years. Keep posting. It helps us all. Thank you and GOD bless you all! WE ARE good people and we are loved!


I have been addicted for a little over a year now to Lortab or really any I can get my hands on when the doc's script runs out. I have recently moved out of state and my insurance has not kicked in yet. I am going on 7 days with nothing and I am still miserable. The worst thing is I am 7 months pregnant and I am scared to death, but apparently not scared enough to stop. I cant sleep, the cramps are still terrible, diarreha still there and I feel hopeless. And all of this on top of all those preg. things. I am 36 and never been addicted to anything and I cant stand this anymore. Someone please help.


I'm no jesus freak, but I believe that some kind of deeper motivation is necessary in order to choose to totally change your lifestyle. Drugs are crazy, the psyche is complicated and drugs create a strange interaction between objective and subjective reality. I remind myself this, "in order to quit, i must stop." it helps for periods of time.
i just got over a couple months of opiate existence, i hate it, but when i'm there it feels like i am the optimum me. it feels like people like me more and that i am more capable to do most things. I seem to always quit cold turkey, it would work if i didn't turn back around in a year or so...
Now I'm in withdrawal world, i can't sleep and when i try my legs wont stop twitching. i have the worst dreams, my psyche is giving me a whooping. Im ultra depressed, lethargic, weak, and confused. my legs and back hurt, and i feel guilty as hell- I've not been able to show myself in public, to go to school or work- i'm afraid i'll look like a weakling, or that i might snap and break someone. (i just threw out those symptoms so that people might be able to relate).
but, to combat these negatives i am going to excersize the hell out of my body, drink alot of water, and spend alot of time in the sauna. and most important, i am not going to do this to myself again.
i dont care... the high isn't worth the comedown. and, you always come down..


im a 33yr old female who has a 30 bag a day habit been using 4 over 12yrs now iv had so many legal problems its not funny, and still didnt stop i just lost my kids in the last 6 months because my po called dyfs on me now my mom has the kids im now trying to stop so i dont lose my kids 4ever im in such pain now that dieing seems like a better option i have clonidine but it dosent seem to be helping at all i also bought benadril and im takeing syriquil to try to sleep not helping either the hot shower helps 4 about 5 minuts or so and thats it masturbation helps 4 about 2 minuts is there anything else that someone knows that can help me please i feal like im dieing. :'( :'( :'(


I got into opiates to the point of being addicted in December of 07 and for the first 2 months I was only doing 40 mg of Oxy a day then it got up to a whole 80 mg oxy, and on top of those I would get vicodin somedays and percocets as well and I would take up to 10 of the 5 mg ones just to get messed up on them. I had benzo's all the time as well and would take 5 or 6 blue xanax or 4 10 mg klondopin and I was just a mess. I got clean pretty easily in a full week in March of 08. The withdrawls didn't include much physical pain of any sort it was more so all mental. I did get cold chills during the day and I found myself in long sleeves alot. It took me about 7 or 8 days to finally fall asleep before 3 in the morning and woke up wet from sweat after only 3 hours or so of sleep that week. Needless to say though I made it through that rather well, but in May I was a wreck I got back into everything full blown including heroin this time. I was doing atleast 80mg of OC or atleast 20 dollars of dope a day for the whole month and into the beginging of June and I once again got myself together and decided to quit. This time the withdrawls were worse but I could handle them. My main problem was I was about 20 pounds underweight so as I was forcing myself to eat right, and taking multivitamins,working out, and quiting drugs my stomach felt weird for about 2 weeks, but it never stopped me from working, in fact I much rather work then be sitting inside when I'm withdrawling it makes things worse I believe if your just laying around all day. I might feel like I have the flu, but it's not like I'm puking, or have chronic stomach problems or digestive problems. If you get out and work 8 hours during the day when you get off your more than likely going to want to eat a nice meal, and when you relax after a day of work you have less time to kill, and since you won't be sleeping much that week it's better to not be home but maybe 12 hrs during the day. If you eat plenty of fruits and veggies, take multivitamins and drink plenty of fluids like gatoraide,water, orange and apple juice it will help you get through any simple body aches you might get during the withdrawls.

After the 2 weeks I was sleeping like a baby and waking up with no sweating at all and feeling great and working out way full speed which was far from the light workouts I was doing starting day one of quitting cold turkey. I stayed completely clean from anything besides marijuana and I'll probably always smoke a few j's a week that's not a problem in my life if it was I could eliminate that no problem. I didn't touch any sort of pill whatsoever and didnt touch any heroin either for a whole month. Well for the past 6 weeks I started doing heroin again, and tomorrow I'm going to be quiting cold turkey again, and I know I'm going to withdrawal again and I always prepare for the worst, but I don't expect it to be as bad as last time when I was doing any and everything I could get my dirty little fingers on back then. This time I have a list of medicines from a doctor none of them are narcotics. I got pills called Addiction Withdrawal they help suppress symptoms associated with withdrawals with over 20 natural herbs, and L-Tyssurine which honestly I forget what it does but I know it puts something back in you that you lose when you are addicted to opiates, and the last stuff is called Detox it's a big glass bottle of some white thick liquid that taste like nothing and I take a spoonfull twice a day of it and it helps clean the drugs out of your system faster. Of course I know all the other little tricks to feel as comfotable as you can during the sobering up process, and this time I'm quitting and I'll never go back to having a habit with a drug again. I'm not going to say I'll never do something months down the road I'm not worried about that, but I will say that I seriously will never do something back to back days never even more than like once a month I'll never let that stuff run my life and dent me financially and hurt my parents like I've done by hurting myself through this whole stingy stuborn drug problem. I start a job on monday too and I'm so glad I'm going to be on my feet from 315 pm to midnight monday through friday it's the perfect way for me to get over my withdrawals and sober up because unless your a full blown 100 dollar a day heroin habit which I was never even half of that then the withdrawals will only last for about a week tops and they won't be that bad unless you've been hooked for years or more then you might need to seek counseling because it's not something someone who is weak minded can handle because it is depressing at first, but if you keep a positive outlook you will see the light at the end of the tunnel rather quickly....I'm talking about 48-72 hours from the time you quit the worst will have already been over, and the rest of the week will only be easier and the restless nights will slowly turn into longer nights of sleep without waking up...I promise. Before I know and before you know if you have a problem like this things will be back to when drugs were not an issue in our lives and it will be the ultimate high.....having your soberity is a great thing to feel I just had it a little over a month ago and I slipped up which happens but I'm doing it for good this time!!!! If anyone ever needs any advice on getting through it cold turkey feel free to ask me on here I'm on the computer for about an hour a day so I'll always be stopping by! Take care everyone and I'll let everyone know how I feel over the next few days and how the medicines my doctor gave me that are natural are working in case anyone ever wants to try them. Remember God or something gave us a beautiful thing in our mind spirit and heart, and you can't let something like drugs take them away from you!


I found this forum googling "opiate withdrawal" and I wanted to let you all know that if you persevere, these symptoms and feelings of hopelessness will evaporate. I was addicted to Heroin and Cocaine, via iv delivery for over two years. Towards the end of my habit I was shooting around $250.00 worth of a mixture of dope and coke a day, speedballs, as I'm sure some of you know. I was selling other drugs to make a living, which inevitably led to more usage, as I did not experience the guilt and financial trouble that most users encounter when draining bank accounts and life savings over getting their fix.

Needless to say, I was a real mess. I had tried to kick over 10 times in the last year, but as I'm sure some of you know, when you reach such an extreme amount of intake, withdrawal becomes a wholly different and more hellish beast. I couldn't eat or sleep, I lied in my bed suffocated by the rank odor of my own vomit and feces for the better part of two weeks. I became extremely weak and dehydrated, and the nightmares, Jesus Christ, you just cannot explain that kind of Hell to someone that has not experienced it.

I ended up realizing that this was something that I could not conquer on my own, after "kicking" so many times, just to find myself back out on the block getting a bag to ease my pain. I tried Methadone, Suboxone, just about everything out there, only to find more addictions waiting for me, and eventually leading me back to the familiar comfort of the needle. So I did what I feared most, and called my Family. I knew deep down that they would provide me with the love and support that I needed to come away from this thing that had me so firmly by my Soul.

I stayed with my parents for about two weeks as I went through the most horrific and painful experience of my life. They were amazing, they researched the symptoms and were there with teas, sleeping meds, and many other sources of comfort, that I could never have provided myself given my condition. They found me, what turned out to be an excellent rehabilitation center in Upstate New York, St. Judes, to be exact. (Look at their website if you're interested)

After two weeks of Hell I found myself in the Airport well enough to fly out to my rehab. I somehow managed to miss my flight, and as a junky that is only fourteen days clean and with a bunch of cash, might be expected to do, I went out and scored and got just about as high as I could without killing myself, which I probably wouldn't have minded all too much at that point in time.

I managed to survive the twenty four hours to the next available flight, and somehow made it out to New York. Let me tell you, the first week or so at rehab sucks. There is just no other way to put it. You're surrounded by other addicts that only want to talk about drugs, how many they did/sold, etc. And all the while you're feeling like you'd like to die and just forget about it all. Well, like I said, if you persevere these feelings and symptoms WILL go away.

After a couple of weeks I was beginning to feel okay enough to eat, sleep, and have somewhat regular bms. And after a month, I was beginning to feel like myself again, which was something that I had lost sight of a long time ago. And by the time I left I was ready to be a part of society again.

I guess the point to all of this is that, if you are truly motivated to be happy and accept love in your life, then you will be able to conquer opiates. I never thought that I was going to see the end of that particular tunnel, but here I am a year and a couple of months off and I'm encountering all kinds of happiness and success that I never imagined possible.

Just remember... You're not dead yet, so keep your head up and remember that two or three weeks may seem like a long time, but compared to the rest of your life its just a blip on the radar.

Good Luck and mad love. f**k the BS.



I have to say, be straight forward with your doctor about your withdrawal is key. Your doctor can prescribe an anti-depressant such as Lexapro which does wonders for that hopeless feel you deal with when quitting things like opiates, etc. I'm in my early 20s and have been with painkillers for years. Part of the toughest part of the withdrawals is the mood swings and feelings of hopelessness. Try Lexapro or some other antidepressant and it should help put you in a better frame of mind to fight through the withdrawal. And as for the pain, I agree with many of you that a slow tapers is best...and the lower you get, start reducing by 1/2 pill per day. Example...3 500s a day for a week, 2 1/2 500 for a day for a week, then 2 a day for a week, and so on. Withdrawal symptoms will exist during this period but nothing like you would get if you went cold turkey. And when you finally quit, the final withdrawals will increase over three days and start getting better. But this way is way better than cold turkey. Also, do lots of cardio which increases endorphins and eat lots of protein. Aspirin also works best for me. Tylenol doesn't help at all.


Brother I've been through this my entire life and your not going to feel better untill you quit the pot. I'm not sure but I think you at least know that a little. I'm not trying to piss you off but i've been through it also read my story at bottom


it was great to read all of going through withdrawals and its hell, cant sleep, cant eat, my body feels like it wants to the blood is moving way too fast. im going to try what ive read to get through this. i want this to end. thanks for the info!