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valium intensifies your withdrawal??? that's never been my experience. I don't advocate using valiums to kick because of their own addictive qualities, but for me valium and other benzodiazapines are the best relief for everything from the anxiousness to the aching muscles and head... marijauna on the other hand is somewhat iffy. on the one hand it is a drug that can get the endorphins rolling for a short period of time, but pot is a sensitizer which will make whatever mood your in at the time intensify, so in my experience at least, weed is not a good remedy. But like I said before, valium or klonipin are the best if you can handle them and let them go after your withdrawal syndrome has passed.


Im a white middle/lower class white male that droped out of school at 17, and Im now 23, I have a great personallity, and people always liked me. At the age of 12 I started smoking pot and became a regular pot smoker till the age of 19, When I went to jail for party to a crime ! ( Aint that bull sh*t I didn't even do anything and went to jail for six months with people who where going to prision for homiside) ! I've been through all the drugs as a youth ,acid, x , shrooms , coke and more to name , no big deal !
After I got out of jail I had piss tests but I always knew when they where if advance. I knew till the middle of the month I could get screwed up on perks and o.c and then just chill,Never no withdralls . Nothing! O.C is way to expensive so we quickly started snorting H. I did that over the course of a year or so and could always stop, Just a party favor on the weekend or whenever I felt like geting high.
Two months ago a no-longer friend of mine moved in and that stole from me. I started getting him alot of work doing roofing and we where making good cash.
We met a new supply guy that always had rigs, cookers, and steral water.
So f**k it I'll just try booting it, I went on a couple week long bindge of zanax and shootin and now If im not spend a 100 a day Im sick as hell. I dont want my girlfriend to leave me and the withdrawls have been terrable, so were out there! It can happen to anybody,nobody would thik I shoot up ! f**k I need some help.......................


I am 20 yrs old i have been using opiates now for going on 5 years soon. do to the increase of oxy contins i started doin heroin because it's cheaper and easier to obtain for me. I have seen many of my friends including me get addicted and start living my entire life around not getting sick. but recently i just woke up one day and decided i'm tired of being sick and being a loser basically. my girlfriend left me, my parents disowned me, my real friends want nothing to do with a junkie. but this is my 12th day completely clean of opiates.

The first 4 days for me were absolute agony. i had suicidal thoughts just would rather die than feel like that. I found smoking weed will calm your nerves temporarily. It also helps with minor aches and stomach discomfort and just helps you get to sleep. Exercise is very good to get your toxins out.

For the parent that had a kid with bad withdrawals here's my view on it. You don't let him or her leave your house unless someone (not a friend) supervises them. Another key thing take away their cell phone (vital) because all it takes is one person to call and say hey i got something and you will do anything to get there. so that is key. DON'T go gettin on methadone and just trade an addiction for an addiction. SubOxine is good I here because it works as a blocker and there is no buzz. because when an addict ask for methadone they just want to get a buzz so they are not sick. I seriously found cold turkey helped me the best. You have to be very strong willed though (You have to want to quit!!!) Another route that is possible is get a herbs and vitamins that deal with withdrawal and depression.

Surround yourself with a different social scene of people. because once you quit and are done with it you will see who your real friends are. I've been called a snitch and a joke for being clean now. a real friend would be happy for you. it is so vital to surround yourself with non users. you will never quit. you might be able to a couple days, weeks, and months. but your chances of relapse are great.

after 5 to 7 days i'd say your physical sickness should be over then you have to worry about cravings. this is something i'm trying to beat now. i just exercise and get outside. Try to regularly attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

Ok i'll stop rambling now. i hope someone can read this and get something out of it. if you want to talk more about it you can always ask for my email, facebook, or w/e i'd be more than glad because i know the toll it takes on addicts and most of all their loved ones.


I am glad to seem these posts. I just wish it made my legs stop hurting. I am coing off 90mg a day of morphine (prescreibed and not abused,need it too badly for pain) . I am starting Opama 20mg 2 times a day and the withdrawals from Morphine are bad. The leg and back pain is the worst for me personally because back pain is my need for meds.The leg pain is awful.

My wife went and got me these ankle wraps ,they go from the call of my foot to mid calf and are made of thicker hose type matrial ,6 bucks each at a pharmacy . They helped last night w/ankle and calve pain,not working on hips and femur . I hate that you all are suffering too, but, somehow it's conforting to know I am not alone?

Thanks to all here, and any advice on something for leg pain.
I still have 40 30mg Morphine, I want to take one , then wait and take 1 in 24 hours ,then 36 , etc... I just worry that Morphine and Opana together will cause respiratory problems or death. Any advice, I am not addicted mentally to morphine ,it doesn't even give a buzz, but physically I know I am.



I started smoking pot regularly in 1998. I smoked it everyday till I discovered Percacet in 2004. Within weeks I quit my 2-8 joint a day habit but didn't realize what was ahead of me. Since then I've been to detox twice (should have been 4 times) and I'm fit to go back again except this time I have a great job and I am afraid to lose it. Ofcourse with that great job comes great money and I have moved up the chain to an oxycodine user.
I was clean last year from Oct. 8th till sometime in March and I felt really good. I wasn't working at the time but had employment insurance and a few hobbies but more important I was for the first time since 1998, 100% clean.
In the past I was really hard on myself for this but I have realized over the years that this can happen to anyone, for most people it can not be controlled, and I don't know what to do about it. I set up appointments with lisenced professionals and when the time comes for the appointment I feel sorta ok so I don't go or I feel like sh*t and I cancel. Either way I don't follow up.

Bottom line is that exercise, methadone, other less harmful medicines all help you for a short period but I am still searching for the long term solution.



Hey all, I'm 24 from Boston.. used heroin since i was 15, now 3 years on suboxone and now I'm trying to stop that too - on day 5.

Any Doc that'll tell you that it's a breeze to get off suboxone has noo clue, what I can say from experience is that it's very easy to drop the dose all the way to 4mg, almost no problem to 2mg and then a bit harder to 1mg a day. but very doable. BUT even at this small dose you will go through withdrawals.

I'll try to keep this short but from my little research of what can help with withdrawals is this:

To simplify - the body needs to rebuild neurostransmitter systems and reset the natural opiates production (endorphines).
What I'm doing is basically Amino Acid "therapy" or detox.. which helps with some of the symptoms but as important should REDUCE the amount of days you go through this hell.

So the building blocks are:
a good Multi-V w/ many minerals. (Zinc, Copper, Potassium, etc..)
Omega 3, 6, and 9 - can be found in Flax Seed Oil (plus more goodies)
5-HTP for a better mood and less anxiety.
SAM-e (on empty stomach)
Alphaloic Acid and Milk Thistle to rebuild the liver.

If you need a boost of energy.. start your day with (on empty stomach):
L-Tyrosine w/ vitamin B6 - these together become dopamine and help to produce endorphines.

on the herbal side what helps:
Passion flower, Valerian Root, California Poppys, maybe kavava.

for sleep: ALL of the above herbs, plus MELATONIN. Even though for me not much helped with sleep so I ended up smoking pot and taking Valium, but if you can sleep with the herbs then I don't recommend using any chemicals.

make yourself exercise when you can, this is actually the best way to start the natural endorphine production... Also, I've heard that there is good results from Acupuncture to promote endorphine production.

To those trying to get off suboxone, I would strongly recommend lowering your dose before stopping... the person who stopped while on 24mg, man that SUX! try to at least go down to 1mg a day.. and then even every other day or two days, that will make this whole mess much easier to over come. and last thing of course, try to NOT do it all on your own... the mind wonders and will trick you easily to boot, sniff or swallow that devil "one" more time, so keep your head up and fight it.

Sorry for this long a$$ post but I truly wish all of you (and me) an easy as can be battle and a full return to LIFE. G-d Bless.


Sunday night, 48 hours since my last high. I began using OC about 2 years ago following surgery from an injury inflicted in the mid east during active duty. The last 18 months I've steadily increased my dosage to about 160-320mg of OC daily, clearly abusing the drug(my life savings is gone). I don't even know what my pain level is anymore since I've never come off the drug. My withdrawal symptons are mild compared to what some of the others have posted here. Don't get me wrong I feel like stir fried c**p, I'm tired, depressed, runny nose, hershey squirts, hot flashes, cold sweats, but I can sleep(perhaps due to sleep apnea).

I'm done with this addiction. I have a beautiful wife, a new home, but I know I'm on the verge of losing it all. Just to get high. Addiction sucks. I'm afraid my symptons will get worse in the next 72 hours, but I don't want to use again. I'm done. I'm gonna tough it out. Good luck to all of you going through the same thing. I'm thinking about you.


hey all.i 2 am recovering from opiate addiction and i've been on suboxone for a year this month and its been very helpfull but it's exspensive to see the dr and if you don't always have the money you go through withdrawal almost as bad as coming off the perc's..i had an accident in july 2006 and fractured my femur and i left the hospital addicted to percocets and its been a battle ever since i never used them before,ever.but i just wanna give hope to any others try'n to get clean,its possible and you may fall off the wagon a couple times but be sure 2 jump rite bac's a battle but you can do it....good luck...


check out something called d- phenylalanine it basically slows your body from breaking down endorphins so it helps with pain mood and withdrawal ....also try getting your doc to put you on pramipexole for rls and the depression that comes with withdrawing... clonodine benzos. b6 5htp melatonin zinc dextromethorphin(dxm) epsom salts (for the tub) if you can afford it buy binaural beat soundtrack for sleep and endorphin release or download off the inet..make a list of all the little things that might make you feel even a little tiny bit better so theres something you can replace the drug seeking with you can also try to remember all of the things that used to make you feel good when you were sober and try to do them/get them ...when your crazy intensely craving your drug of choice


hi, I have been a on and off heroin addict for 5 years now. I Did quit the first time for about two years before i eventually relapsed and started up again right where i left off. Everytime i have quit i have done it at home. I never new about any other remedies besides the usual ones like suboxone and subutex. I had taken both of those but i realized you have to detox off of those pills as well and the detox is just as bad. So i decided to just do it cold turkey. But this time im really trying to quit for good and its so hard. I'm beggining to feel its impossible to do. The first time i did it i had friends and family around me all the time witch i feel made it alot easier. They kept my mind off of it as much as possible but my addiction wasnt as bad the first time. Iwas only sniffing it when i first did it. This time i graduated to using needles ( definetly one of the worst desisions i have ever made besides using heroin in the first place). The only real time i felt the withdrawals was when i was trying to go to bed. This time i dont have anybody around and i have to do it myself. Im using my vacation time that i saved up for the last two years and i have two weeks to kick. Ive been planning this for a while. But this time it feels alot different and worse do to the fact that i was using alot more and injecting it as well. Im having alot more fatigue in my legs and aches and pains through out my body. I can barely get more that two hours of sleep a day. I have 12 days left on my vacation and i relapsed today. this is killing me. Im really weirded out on taking cough meds because i really dont wanna substitute one drug for a nother but i really do have to stop. this is The hardest thing i ever had to do and i blame myself for it. I was wondering if anybody new anything else that can be done besides the above mentioned. more natural methods that can help with the sleeping. I have heard yoga helps and exersize to physically get you tired but anyone who has been addicted to heroin knows it doesnt matter how tired you get yourself from working out it always comes back within an hour or so and then you wind up waking up again. Also with the hot and cold sweats. That has to be the most annoying part besides your legs hurting and the constant bathroom trips. Ive tried all types of over the counter pain relief for my legs but it doesnt work and ive tried all kinds of sleep aids. I still wind up tossing and turning for hours on end and those hours feel like days when your detoxing. I was hoping for a good combination of something. Also does the cough meds help with the not sleeping? If anyone has any suggestions for me about the sleeping and cold sweats i would appreciate it. Thanks again this forum is helpful for us addicts.


I appreciate all the helpful hints from everyone...I am trying to help my husband stop abusing his morphine. I know he back pain from a back injury 8 years ago...and 'needs' the meds...but within the past year...he has stopped taking the meds by mouth and has been shooting them up. He ends up running out of his meds about 7-14 days early and that time without is like a living hell for both him and me. He has the tendency during that time without meds to either find alternate drugs to replace the morphine such as either cocaine or inhaling canned air. I really need some help for how to help him kick this shooting up habit...I am so fearful the inhalant of canned air is going to kill him. I can't really check him into a treatment center because if I do...there goes his pain management....any have any suggestions for me?


I am going through withdrawl as we speak, I am on w/d two of iv mophine use 100mg a day. I feel that it is not as bad as iv OC w/d or even iv herion w/d which I have also gone through In my opinion cold turky is absulutly the best way to go. You should talk to your husband if he doesn't want to stop he wont! as for smoking crack and inhailents that will not lessen the symptoms of w/d wait till next time his scrip runs out and if he is willing you can work togather to stop this, join a program like N/A or first step these are helpful with the emotional aspects of w/d as for the physical symptoms I use over the counter flu medicine as well as melatonin to help with sleep I have done this many times and atleast for me these seem to help. You are and enabler and you must help him it doesnt seem like you have too much time inhaliing cained air can easly cause a stroke as for the cocain heart attack is likely good luck! I hope I helped now widh me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I first have to say this blog actually got me threw my at home hell! I was a vicodin, perc, lortab, lorcet, oxy user any pain med all this for 10 years. So scared to go threw the withdrawls i used enough to maintain function not really getting the high anymore but nowhere near withdrawls. I decided 7 days ago to break my habit. I can say it proudly now but let me tell you 3 days ago I was begging pleading crying for it to stop. It hurt in ways i never imagined. Today 7 days into it I feel human again. I pushed myself to go to work today it was rough but by the end of the day my shaking actually stopped. I feel stronger and very proud of myself. All of the advice here helped me knowing i wasnt alone. I tried several things and I believe what works for one may not work for another so please no one should judge anyones advice or tips here. BENADRYL is a godsent!! helped with my shakes and nervousness. Melationin wonderful same effect. Advil and tylenol i would rotate them advil can be harsh on your stomach. And finally a whole hell of alot of will power. When you think you cant do it anymore push yourself I promise you wont regrett it. I have a ways to go but damnit IM FREE!!!!


hey all! i'm 30 years old and have been using every kind of opiate for close to 10 years now. started using percocets ,vicodin and all the others when i was 20. then graduated to o.c.'s by the time i was 24. wasn't too much of a problem until i met i guy at work who introduced me to fentanyl patches. by 27 found out i have had enough of this. tried to detox on my own but was going out of my mind so i started taking suboxone prescribed by a doctor. have been on suboxone now for about 3 years since im unemployed and the doctors visits are super expensive as well as the perscriptions. was taking bout 20 mg a day of suboxone and worked my way down to just 2 mg a day. but now im all out and find that the withdrawals are horrible. im only on day 2. and doing it cold turkey. just wondering if there are some suggestions that someone could offer me. have been taking vitamins and all. still cant sleep, and the anxiety and depression is intense. all suggestions are much appreciated. good luck to you all and god bless.


There is nothing you can do to stop the withdrawl on suboxone without more suboxone. I am sorry I know it sucks, but if it had been any other drug you could. Suboxone is a tough drug! It sticks to your opiate receptors like crazy. So for about 2-4 days you are screwed. But after that you will be done with it. You will be DRUG FREE. So get some Ambien for sleep, if at all possible. Amodiam A.D. will stop your diaharreah and then grab the matress and hold on for the ride. Good luck
if you need anything else let me know.