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I am 21 and really want to experience this "squirting" I have been hearing so much about! I have never had a vaginal orgasm just clitoris! I read a lot about what to do yet nothing happen. Is it that I just can not squirt? :( what can I do for it to happen? Please help me! Thanks


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Hi look through my previous replies and you will see i have been talking to someone who doesn't like the fact she can squirt she may be willing to help you


if you are female, then you can use your fingers above your clitoris or  around it  and rub your clit slowly  and gently

it gives you  a lot of pleasure

then if  you are not virgin, then use your finger or  2 fingers inside your P*****

and try to find your G SPOT

try to imagine a guy over you in bed 

it helps a lot