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hi there every one new at this yea bare with me dont really no what to say
so when well before me and my wife have sex she gets really wet and very easily and all and its been like this sence high school she says i turn her on and it only hapends with me and all 
   also u no how guys are concernd about penis size and all well i am as well im 7 1/2 and 3 fingers wide and i ask her if she wants bigger and all and she says no i love your size it fits me perfect and all and she cums number of time when we cum i just wanna no what you guys think about that 
   one more thing how can i make her squirt i think its so hot lol plz respomd would love to hear .,.,.,


just pleased her all the time. try some new position while having sex. ask her what she wants everytime you do it 


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We never knew about squirting but we always had to put a bath towel under us to absorb the excessive wetness. We did know it had to be coming from her though.

From watching squirting on the internet I would say it has to be done manually if you want to see it happen. I would say it works best with her on her back and you leaning over her with your fingers or hand inside rubbing her G spot and maybe the clit too. Most seem to be doing it very fast to get the orgasm really ripping but they appear to have different tecniques that work best for them. So you probably need to keep trying until you find what works best for you and her.

I never measured it so I don't know what my size was in the old days. Today I just wish I could get it out past my zipper so I don't get my pants wet. However my wife never wanted it any larger and would complain about bottoming out in some positions. I'm sure it wasn't because I had such a huge one so maybe she had a short vagina.