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All of my friends and everyone I know has a bigger penis than me, when will it grow? I don't get directly teased but there are always small jokes flying around that kind of hurt me inside. And just knowing that I'm the only one out of all of them that has a small penis crushes me inside.


I am nearly 6ft tall have a deep voice lots of pubic hair, quite a bit of armpit hair, little chest and facial hair, and LOTS of leg hair.


would love a reply regarding my subject :).



Hi Guest
Your penis can grow until you are in your early twenties it is hard to predict how long it will take and what the end result will be. There can be a significant difference in size among guys the same age and just as people come in all sizes the same is true about the penis. It sounds like you are developing just as you should be and are well into puberty hopefully your penis will grow some yet. Probably not what you were hoping to hear but some guys are well endowed and some are not as far as being the only one that is a little smaller if your going buy what your friends are saying there is a real good chance that they are not being completely honest about their size. Also some guys can be very small flaccid and when erect their size is about normal and some guys that are large flaccid don't change a lot when erect. You still have time yet for growth and hopefully it happens for you.