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Hi everyone. I have been searching for some diet pills online. I searched for weight loss products and I ordered them many times before, but this is the first time I am doing it for me, so I am pretty excited.

 I’ve found these pills called Abidexin. They have some great reviews. I really hope those are real people writing and not some paid advertisement bots.

Is there someone here currently using these pills? Can you tell me, if I start using the tomorrow, how long is it going to take me to see first results?

Every feedback is welcomed. Thanks in advance.


Hello. I am currently using Abidexin diet pills but I am not sure I can be of any help to you.

This is the third week since I’ve been taking them. Besides taking them I don’t do anything else (running, exercising, walking), I eat the exact same meals I ate before. Before I bought these pills I’ve been told I don’t have to do anything else besides taking the pills.

Now is the 18th day and I haven’t lost a pound. So the only thing that I can tell you- that point when you start seeing results  is nowhere between the first 20 days of taking them. 



@SabrinaD Really?

I’ve never used this product but there was this time I bought them and wanted to use them, but then I got sick and they ended up in garbage.

I remember, back then, everybody was telling me that I will lose weight very fast. First results were supposed to be visible in only a week.

You are seriously not noticing anything after 18 days?

BlueRanger if you decide to buy these pills anyway, make sure you exercise regularly if you want your results to be visible after a week.


And please let us know what happened, in case I decide to buy them again.