So I went to the doctor thinking I had phimosis but I don't just had stretching issues but now I've got questions.


How much should I be able to pull the foreskin? I can pull it all the way below the glans and I can keep pulling a bit more under the glans (or the neck) but then after a bit it's like its unified or stickied with the skin thats under the foreskin and I don't know if i should be able to pull it all the way to the base.

I can clean it correctly but the day after it's like the foreskin gets stickied to the glans  making it a bit "painful" because it needs to deattach from the glans and its sensitive probably due to smegma but I don't see anything.

Is it normal that i have a roll of foreskin under the glans when i pull it back? I feel it's a bit uncomfortable but I don't feel pain and I can pull it to the top without problems but it feels like i have to put some strength im not sure.