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Over a different distance different techniques are used in order to pace ones self in suiting for the races distance, for example in a 100m sprint i tend to take deep breaths before the start then not breathe whatsoever between the gun and the finishing line.

So, how do you RUN these distances? (feel free to add in the distances that you run yourself if I missed them out) [i.e. how do you pace yourself, any techniques, how to take turns on the track, whatever.]

(please tell me how you run your own distances also [like, any i missed off the list I mean.])


5k: A little harder then the pace that feels good. Do this from the very start. I don't do very many of these anymore.

Marathon: easy first mile, pick it up slightly the second mile, and from then on whatever feels good. So if a 8 minute mile feels good, that's what I do. If a 5 minute mile feels good, that's what I do, well, maybe I wouldn't go that hard. I make it a point to walk almost every water station though.

24hr track ultra: I'm still learning. Run/jog 3 laps, walk 1 early on. Try and hold that for a few hours and then start factoring more walks in. Should be able to hold that until hour 4 or 5 and then start putting more walks in. I try to stay out and at least walk the entire time.


1 mile: Still haven't figured out how to run this.

5k: I like to push hard for the first mile, hang on for the second, and give everything on the last. Usually the last is the fastest, then the first, then a few seconds slower is the second mile.

10k: Dunno. I haven't run enough of them to where I feel comfortable with a strategy.

Half marathon: Start off at an moderate pace, hold it there for at least the first half. Pick it up gradually through mile 10. Then I try to run 10k pace and try to run the last half mile as fast as possible.


400m----been a lonnnnnng time. I'd run as fast as I could...relax and open strides on the backstretch. Dig deep on the last curve, close my eyes and grunt like a stuck pig.

5k--go out hard and hang on for dear life

10k--get position for first mile. Settle into goal pace for next 3 miles. By mile 4 get into position that I want to finish overall....(in a tactical race) hold that place....may start a kick with a mile to go (depending whom is on my butt) or try a final kick with about 3 minutes to go, if it's me and the clock.

1/2- pace, pace, pace
marathon- patience, patience, patience