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I have noticed it since the first time, and I've just about went through everything to make sure it isn't mine. It's not even necessarily when he cums inside of me. When he ejaculates, period! It is just kind of a rotten smell. Or like puss when your ears or other piercings are infected? which made me think it could be an infection? I have been tested recently, and nothing, I'm the second person he's ever even had sex with. And it isn't something that just came up out of nowhere. It's just getting bad to where I try to avoid doing it. Once he goes. If it's on me I clean it right away, if it's inside of me I try to get it out quickly and really clean down there when I shower. He is uncircumcised but it's not his penis that smells.. (Unless it's after we do it or he hasn't showered for a day minimum. Nothing else smells, just down there). When we shower together I see that he does clean it well, he'll even I clean it. Under the foreskin, multiple times until I KNOW that it is clean. And then when he cums after that it really is just his semen. I don't know whether to ask about it whenever I am at the doctors or just straight up send him to the doctors. I've told him about it, even asked when he plans to get a prostate exam to just throw it out there. He knows but I guess forgets about it. I am clean, no infections, have been tested. And it's not when our fluids mix. It's for sure his semen. So is there anything he could do at home? We maintain a normal diet, he drinks plenty of water. No unusual supplements or anything. Any help would be amazing. Thank you!


Hi Person,

Semen does have a smell and it can vary according to diet.  Most often it is described as like "bleach."

If it is very strong however, have him see his doctor or a urologist.

Hope it helps.