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My son is now two years old.
I could only describe him as a very healthy and prosperous child. Few days ago he was very agitated and he cried a lot. I was convinced it was some fever or cold and I treated him with one mild antibiotic I got from my friend but symptoms stayed. Then, one day, while I was bathing him, I’ve noticed that his testicles are swollen and they looked like water-filled balloon. I was frightened because I didn’t know what could it be.
I took him to see a doctor immediately and after he examined the child - he said that child suffer from some disease called Hydrocelle. Doctor didn’t say anything about disease. He only said that he will probably need a surgery.
Could anybody tell me what kind of disease this really is and is this condition serious?


My son also had this disease.
He was operated three years ago and now he don’t have any problems with his testicles.
My doctor also didn’t say a word to me about disease but I later understood that they don’t wanna scare young mothers.
I’ve done some research on my own and I find out that Hydrocelles are common in newborn infants.
A Hydrocelle is a collection of serous fluid that results from a defect or irritation in the tunica vaginalis of the scrotum. It permits flow of peritoneal fluid into the scrotum.
Sometimes they pass without any symptoms but sometimes, when they get so large they can represent a threat to the testicule's blood supply. Your child probably suffers from the second type and that’s why your son needs a surgery! This is a minor surgical procedure performed by using general or spinal anesthesia. An incision may be made in the scrotum or the lower abdomen.
The prognosis for congenital Hydrocelle is excellent!