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hey guys... Iv been reading around here a bit... And, well i cant seem to find any threads abotu depression... Like i know im not normal because i think about killing people around me all the time... Going to a doctor isnt an option since my parents think im perfectly normal...

Its like im scared but i couldnt care if i need help.

I....I always think that ill grow up without anyone to say i love you to, Im 15 turning 16 this year (2010)
I mean most of the girls at my school think they are SOOOO much better then god himself. wich REALY makes me angry everytime i see them. This is the basic idea of my question...

- Is it normal to feel like you want somone to do die? Even your own parents? And this isnt like "Gosh i hate my parents their so lame" This is like " I wouldnt care if they got their t*****s s**t"

Please help... Please


I think everyone has, at one time or another in their life, felt like there are people they wish would die (people who are wicked or cruel in some way), even though people will rarely admit that they've sometimes felt that way. But acting on that is completely different. It becomes a serious problem when you actually want to take action on those feelings, especially if it is toward people who are innocent or who have done you no real harm. You may not like certain people, and that is OK, but that does not mean you should want to kill them. Just distance yourself from them and find people you feel comfortable with and can relate to instead. Or become more of a self-sufficent loner who is independent and stand strong on your own. That will become much easier for you when you are older. Wanting to kill is not normal or healthy. The world does not need more sociopaths. But you are young, and some of what you are experiencing is just the growing pains of life. You are discovering that the world and people are not always fair, so you are going through some disillusionment. That alone is normal, but if it is affecting you too much, then you need to seek some help. Are you sure it is depression that you feel, or could that be a symptom of something deeper? If you are depressed, I would suggest you try a forum that specifically deals with depression, such as TTL. There are a lot of people your age there. You will find much more support there. Here is a link:
Life will never be easy, but you can find contentment.


I remember myself when i was 16 :-)

well honestly speaking i didn't have thoughts of killing somebody but very often i had moments of such anger!!! But parents could not understand me. On any my idea or desire they told that i don't really need it - in other words i did not feel support.

In this age we have also a necessity of feeling ourselves lonely and unsupported.

Of course i can judge only by myself. Once i fell in love and that person felt the same way to stopped...I found a person whom i could give my love and warmth.

I could suggest you to write a diary - it is some kind of emotional relief really! And definitely go in some sport, you need to release this bad energy!!

Even now (I'm 26 already) i may feel such an anger to my relatives but i learned to examine myself and always try to get to the reason why I'm like that...cause they do not understand me, do not support...

Plus I know that I have my refuge :-) - my bf :-)


You are in depression then you try to come out,not take a stress,do a work you like mostly,engage with your family, friends,and always be happy,some bad thought if come then forgot them,listen music,reading books,do exercise,and also play game,do yoga,meditation,and take a proper guidance of doctor,take a rest,I think it help you to come out this propblem