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i just started doing regular breast massage as i heard that can really help increase breast size
I was just wondering if anyone has used this method and if so, has anyone seen any significant improvements?
I read somewhere massaging can increase up to a cup size but i dont know how much that is true


I can't say with certainty but in my opinion you cannot increase your breast size by massage or taking pills or any other way that doesn't include weight gain or surgery.

However, my wife says that breast massage feels great (not done by me but by professional massage therapists).

It is also a good way to know your breasts (if done by yourself) and always be familiar with any changes that may occur. This could prevent cancer spread and lead to early diagnosis.

Please let us know if you notice any benefits from having your breasts massaged in regards to increasing or toning the shape of your breasts.

Good luck!


im not sure about massage but in asia women pay doctors to beat/slap their breast and it can grow them up to four inches in circumference (up to three cup sizes), it does work, and the results are pretty permanent, maybe massage is a slower way to do this? If you're kind of desperate the thai breast slapping will work, even if it hurts a little more.