I have been trying to research for days on end, I started out pulling my beard hairs out and then poking around my mouth with the hairs for the little pokey pain. But as time has went on I now find myself using my middle, ring and pinky finger to push my skin upwards close to my mouth on my chin. Then using my thumb or my pointer finger to apply pressure to my stubble and move my finger around a little and I get the same pain but more of it. I still pull hairs out from time to time. But I def spend most of my time just playing with my stubble now. It can get really irritated but that just makes it more pleasurable to me. I have not been able to find much of anything at all on this process except a small forum where a couple people acknowledged it a little bit as part of there trich. I was curious to know if this also falls under trich? Or does it have its own name? Am I the only one?