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For  few months now ive been getting very bad chest pains, Sometimes they hurt very badly like a 9 out of 10 but sometimes there just minor ones but they always lead up to being painful.

Its now starting make pains in my arm and around my body slowly and sometimes i cant move from the pain everywhere around my body but recently its hurt my arm so bad that i can lift my left arm above my head, my chest feels very fragile when i touch it also.

Its been keeping me up late at night because the pain gets too painful for me to move ive taken painkillers to help me relax my muscles but still nothing but now it gets to the point where i dont go to sleep until 8am maybe later and then i sleep through the hole day because im feeling to exhausted from the constant pain,  Ive been having panic attacks through the night when im awake due to not being able to breath probably or taking a big breath so now my breaths are little and slow so i panic from feeling very suffocated, i know this is not to do with stress due to not worrying about anything.

I dont know if i should let it pass by its self or should i go to the doctors, please if anyone knows anything i will be truly grateful.



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Hello, Sam.

Just to be sure, did you have any accident before pain occurred? Car crash, sport accident, did you fall from something, or anything similar? Squashed rib can be very unpleasant and can cause constant chest pain. But, it's not very likely in your case.

Chest pain is connected with various internal organs, such as heart, lungs, esophagus, even muscles and nerves. Because there are many possibilities it's wise to visit a doctor, especially if you take into account the pain intensity.

Also, with delaying you're jeopardizing your overall health because, as you said by yourself, you're experiencing panic attacks and exhaustion from non-sleeping.

I hope it's nothing serious. Keep us updated and good luck!