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Hi, i am 15 years old and i have a lump in my scrotum wall near the base of my penis. It is pea shaped and located on my right hand side. It causes very less pain when i press it. It is very hard. It does not change its place nor its shape. It seems like it is attached to a chord. It is not attached to a testicle(i mean the two sperm producing bodies). I was indulged in watching porn since 2 years and ejaucating sperms does this has any connection with that lump? I am very tensed. Please help me.... I would be grateeul


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is it near the top of your testicle? it could be the appendix of your epididymis. without actually feeling the lump I can not tell you exactly what it is.   keep an eye on it and if it changes or gets bigger you should let your doctor know.



Most testicle lumps occur because of an injury. However, birth defects and other factors can also cause lumps in the testicles.


This type of lump is the most common, occurring in about one in every seven men. Enlarged veins in the testicles cause varicocele lumps. They become more noticeable after puberty when blood flow increases in the fully developed testicles.


A hydrocele testicular lump is caused by the buildup of fluid in the testicles. This type of testicular lump occurs in one to two out of every 100 newborn males.

Epididymal Cyst

An epididymal cyst or spermatocele occurs when the long, coiled tube behind the testicles (epididymis) becomes filled with sperm and cannot drain. This form of testicular lump affects up to one in three men, and most often resolves on its own.

Testicular Torsion

Testicular torsion occurs when the testicles become twisted, typically due to an injury or accident. This condition most often occurs in boys between the ages of 13 and 17, but can affect men of all ages. This is a medical emergency and requires urgent investigation and possible treatment.

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