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I have a white spot it is large and looks like it has puss in it I'm so scared to tell my mom about it and I am not sexually active I'm only 13


Don't worry, first of all, these things happen to EVERYONE. :-)

Most likely, it's just a pimple. It's probably best you do not pop it, and try not to irritate it too much. You'll get more pimples throughout your life, and if genetics play a role like mine, you'll despise them your whole life too. XDIf you don't think it's a pimple (do not try to pop it), and it's on your labia minora, it would probably just be part of it. The labia is a popular part of your body to find little fat deposits in the form of tiny, hard, white dots that look disdainfully like pimples. They are harmless, though irritating.