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I have primary palmar hyperhydrosis. I drop glass objects, I can't handle money, I can't handle food, I can't shake hands or touch people, I couldn't play on the monkey bars as a child, my fingers get little sweat bumps on them, my fingers are pudgy, and I'm antisocial.

I just recently read that I might be afraid to talk to people because hyperhidrosis can make your heart beat faster in social situations. Is that true?

My fiance and I were wondering that because I can't handle food, I can't wear rubber/plastic gloves because of the sweat build up in them, I can't touch electronics without ruining them(there's sweat in the keyboard right now), I can't handle money, can't touch people, and I can't handle most things- Is it possible to get social security from this "condition"?

-There are treatments out there that cause side effects like blurry vision, dry eyes and mouth, and constipation- No one can work under those conditions.
-There are risky surgeries that I can't afford- nor want to risk my life.
-There are shots, but they are expensive and half to be repeated.
-The creams, deoderants, the hand chalks aren't effective enough for most cases.
-Shock treatment/ion-treatment that has to be repeated throughout the day for 30 minutes each time- Who wants that? And how would I do that treatment at work?
-How am I supposed to get a job when I'd have to tell my boss I sweat rapidly from my hands (and sometimes my feet and other areas)?

I haven't applied yet for social security because I don't know if it's possible to get it with this specific "condition". How many treatments, that won't work, would I have to endure? Or is it up to a doctor to say whether I can work or not?


Yes, it is up to a doctor to indicate whether or not you can work, but it is definately worth looking into. You have a diagnosis name, so with a little research with SSD you could certainly find out. I know from experience in law that the first time you apply for social security you are almost always denied. It may even be worth contacting an attorney who handles social security disability. They have a great deal of experiencing and know what the department is looking for and what the criteria is. If you have documentation of your condition since you were a child, you certainly have some information to back up your condition. Good luck to you. Keep us posted.


I have the same condition as you although not quite as bad.

I have tried many solutions and the only one that works for me is the iso machine. You use it for about 20 minutes per day (not throughout the day!) for 10 days, then once a week thereafter.

I urge you to try it - it changed my life.