Hello everyone !!!

just wanted to put everyones Tonsilectomy worries to rest. Before i had mine taken out at the back end of last week i read some of the posts on this website and my mates at work also told emailed me some horror stories in the hope to wind me up and to a degree it worked. Now that i have had it done let me tell anyone that is planning to have theirs removed that it is not as bad as you may have been lead to beleive. Yes on the day of surgery it is very scary as you are about to put your life in the hands of others but once you are out for the count you dont remember or feel a thing. Once you wake up you will feel a bit groggy but once you get to your hospital room / ward and have some pain killers down you, you will feel just fine and releived that the ordeal is now over.

As one of the other lads said in a previous post ''you must drink plenty of cold water'' but also within a few hours have something to eat (your normal everyday diet). You need to do this to make sure that your throat heals around your normal everyday act of eating and drinking and that it heals in a way that it allows this act to continue without causing any further pain. Your body needs Water, Protien and Carbohidrates to function correctly.

For the comming days your throat will be painful and you will have your good moments and your low ones but you will just have to keep taking your tablets, have lots or rest, be tough and give yourself a glass half full type of attitude. People have far worse done to them and yours will get better quicker if you keep a positive state of mind.  

Kind Regards, Scott, Manchester.