I am 26 years old and I had my tubes tied 2yrs ago. I am married with two boys 5 and 2. I decided after my second child to have them tied b/c I felt like I couldn't afford another child and I knew what I could handle if me and my husband ever split up. Well I always wanted a little girl but didn't have one so I said I would just love my brother little girl as my own. I am almost a week late and I'm affraid to get a test but my breast hurt and I'm eaten like CRAZY. I'm affraid b/c one I don't think I/we could afford another one and two I will be hurt if I am and can't have it b/c it's in my tubes. I told my husband I will wait another week and then I'll get a test done and call the dr. only after praying first...Is it just me or what. And no I don't regreat haven them tied so young b/c that's the key word young and I'm not trying to have alot of kids.