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i have been over weight for a while and now i am ready for a change i dont want to take diet pills but i want to lose weight fast please answer my question asap so i can lose weight fast and not be fat


It will take at least three months to adequately lose some weight. You need to focus on your nutrition and nothing else. If you exercise but don't eat right, you can forget about the weight loss.

To lose weight with proper nutrition, you don't even have to exercise although it is recommended for both good health, mood and possibly hunger reduction.

I concentrated my diet on fruits, vegetables and wholegrains. Wholegrain seeds and nuts turned out to be such a hunger reliever. I ate no refined sugar (ok, i did but very few), no white bread. I cut down on meat too and it helped.

So, the key is in the proper dieting. While some people prefer to increase protein intake and reduce the intake of carbs, i did exactly the opposite and had excellent results.

Protein diets are said to help with weight reduction sooner but the effects don't seem to last as long.