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I am 13 5'1 , girl weight around 120-125 and i really dont know what to do i have tired eating healthy but its not possible for me! I was maye thinking of joining like a sport but i dont like sports at all HEEELP !?!


Hello Fatimabby,

Yes, you could lose a little weight if you want to.  It's not just about eating healthy, you need to watch your calories.  If you can keep your calories to around 1000 to 1200 Calories per day you might be able to lose weight.  You might try eating 4 to 5 times a day as well.  Small portions are important.  Eat as many different foods that are low in calorie as you can.  Have some raw celery and carrots  with lunch and dinner.  What this does is provides you with vitamins, minerals and anitoxidants but it makes you eat slower.  Eating slower tends to make you fill up faster and stop eating.  If you don't like sports you might consider walking or biking.  Both are good forms of exercise and are enjoyable.  Good luck!