>;) this stuff is very bad and dangerous. i went to see a pain mgmt doc to get relief from a botched neck fusion at C-5-6-7 with 11 screws and 4 metal plates front and back of my neck plus lower back, after trying all other narcs, they gave me this c**p. i was on it for 1 yr. and here is what happened to me:
1st of all, i do not drink,smoke, and quit all that 12 yrs ago.
the dilaudid made me lose 54 pounds in less than a year.
then i began to have bad back pains from the stomach that went around to the back wrapped around.
went to have a ct scan after seeing a GI, and a scope.
the ct scan showed that * half* of my pancreas was chewed up owed to being on this sh-t for too long.
it became toxic to my system. i got off it and on to oxy ir so i didnt go into WD's
i feel better so far off the dilly c**p but this should serve as a warning to all of you out there on dilly to get off it b/c it CAN cause pancreatitis.
i didnt know that at the time it was given to me.
now i am VERY lucky to have anything left of my pancreas at all.
this is a very dangerous drug.
i am 54 and still have pain from the pancreas.
dont do cold turkey on this stuff also, it is nasty
i wouldnt go back on this c**p for all the money in the world
folks you need your pancreas to live!
they should have a black box warning on the label that it can cause pancreatitis which it doesnt.
now then, it did give me good pain relief i was on 4mg x 4 a dayfor 1 yr.
on oxy ir 15mg x3, but tapering down wanna get off this c**p also.
i am too old for this sh-t folks.
and when your pancreas goes, there are not alot docs who know much about it unless you are in a major metro city where there is a specialitist who can help. and let me tell ya, the testing is VERY invasvie with your pancreas, it can make it worse.
so if you got a dco who wants to give you dillys, dont take it, dont do it.
you dont wanna wind up like me
now i had this op in 2003 from a bad car crash so it was not my fault and i am not some friggin junkie looking to get doped up. i had a MS Ed, in spec ed and was a teacher.
not a junkie here, dont go cold turkey on this c**p. it is bad news. good luck take it from me