Me and my boyfriend recently went on a cruise with his car (he just passed) and while cruising we decided to stop by the beach as it was a very hot weather. I havent pyt any sunscreen on as i didnt expect we would go there at all. We only spent two hours there, and when i noticed my legs getting a little pink, i decided we should go home. And thats when the horror began, my legs, arms, belly, back and face started getting bright red like a lobster, it started burning and got really really hot, when i tried to touch it it felt like rubbing sandpaper on my skin, and at night I had horrible shivers and a high temperature of 40.2c. I knee i made the mistake of not applying anything on me as soon as i came home. In the first two days i have only slept for 5 hours, so i was super exhausted. At first i tried using after sun creams, but noticed that as soon as i put them on it would start to burn so much i had to wash it off straight away. But after reading this thread i have decided to use aloe vera, and oh my it helped straight away, after taking my yoghurt "baths" which is basicly me covering my burn area with it and leaving it for 10-20min (works wonders and u cant feel the heat) i would take a shower and put aloe gel all over the burn area, it would cool it down and definitely did not butn like lotions or creams did, im on my fourth day of healing now and aloe is the best thing i bought. My ankles became swollen but with no pain, my legs feel swollen too and when i try to kneel it feel like my skin is ripping apart bit it has definitely gone better than it was the first day :)