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hi im alondra and i live in seattle im 13 about to be 14 and i weight over 300 pounds im really sad becuase i allways see people on tv that their skinny and i get teased alot so please help Me


Hiya, im 13 too and i have been through what you have!
First of all skinny people on the tv are airbrushed about 70% of the time so dont be put down by them. Losing weight is simple once you get the hang of it...
1)HAVE A GOOD,HEALTHY DIET- Try cutting down your portions and stick to 3 meals a day with no snacking, but if you get really hungry between meals have a HEALTHY snack! e.g - Fruit, low fat yougurt and even celery is good because a) its healthy b) it contains 0 calories and c) you burn off calories eating it!. So im afraid your gonna have to say bye bye to chocolate, fast food, sweets,Fizzy frinks(even diet ones!) and crisps!(sob sob). Another thing is always have breakfast so you'll be less likely to be hungry during the day...Try and stick to anything low fat. And if you've been good have a treat once in a while!it'll make your diet seem more rewarding!

2)EXERSIZE even if you hate it, its the best way to burn of the fat~Try doing 50 sit ups/crunches/push ups/squats before bed or in the morning~Go jogging or running even if its speed walking it'll do the trick-DONT WORRY IF PEOPLE LOOK AT YOU IT DOSNT MATTER!~join a fitness club or going swimming once a week to help burn of fat~If you really hate the fact or exersizing in puplic stay at home with a work out DVD, on a wii fit or even just doing some yoga!

3) BURN IT OFF-if you have a meal try and workout how many calories are in it and burn it off so your not putting on more weight

4) SET A HEALTHY GOAL- start with a small gooal like lossing 3 pounds a week and see how it goes then trya bigger one~DO NOT CRASH DIET this could end up badly and please please please do not starve your self or make yourself through up!