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me and my boyfriend have been together a year and 1 month (we're both 17 years of age) he has a part time soon to be full time job and we are in the process of looking for a cheap affordable flat, we have been talking about having a baby recently, i am just wondering if people think this is a good idea, and before people say im too young or go out and enjoy your self, im not a very fun person, i dont drink (only on special occasions) i dont take drugs, dont sleep around ( my boyfriend is the only person i have slept with) i just stay at home in my room watch tv, read or draw or play on my laptop, i already have some clothes from my little brother (he's 3) and also my friend has offered to give me a pram, all i need is other essentials. thanks for everyone's health oh and im from the uk not america :)


Before I tell you my opinion on your story, I WANT TO TELL YOU THE HONEST TRUTH about having a baby. IF YOU AREN'T UP FOR A STRAIGHT ANSWER don't go on and then later on HATE on me, okay?

First off, You don't have enough money for a baby. So your boyfriend has a soon to be full time job. I'm telling you under 200 dollars a week isn't going to cut it. YOU need to go to college before you have a baby, so that you get a job that pays 2,000 dollars a month!!! I live in America by the way.

Also, you are NOT mature enough. I know you say you are , but you aren't even an ADULT yet. Sure you turn at 18, but you are still going to want to party, and just like another boy your boyfriend WON'T want to change diappers and change bottles 24/7. A baby is A PERSON! I don't think a teenager could handle it even if you don't drink or do drugs. 

Also, a baby needs a lot of attention and care! If all you do is sit around and hang out, how are you going to do things with the baby? You don't sound like a very work ethic person from the info you gave me. Seriously, you need to get moving or become a blob. 

Plus, you shouldn't need to rely on ANYONE! If you need nessecties then BUY THEM WITH YOUR OWN MONEY! If I had a baby at 17 my parents would give me NO money. COULD YOU SURVIVE WITHOUT ANY HELP FROM ANYONE? 

All I am saying is you should wait until you are older. Hope you look over this and think hmm maybe having a baby isn't such a good idea. Sorry if you don't like what I have to say.8-|