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I think that I allergic to short haired dogs. What can I take or do to help with the rash that comes on my neck, arms and anywhere else that my do g touches. I thought that if I got a pomerian that the allergies wouldnt bother me because she has long fur but I am going insane with the constant itching. Can i get a shot from the doctor or something because my family loves this new puppy and don't want to get rid of her.


Hello there,

Unfortunately you will have to get rid of the dog. One of you must go out of that house. I know that that you don’t want to do this but with your allergy you have no choice. If you keep her the rash and all other symptoms will only become worse, and soon you will realize by yourself that keeping the dog is no solution. My sister is allergic to almost all animals, and she loves them so much. So I can understand your desire to have pet.

Even if you consult your doctor he will tell you what you probably know by yourself, there is no good solution with using medications and keeping the dog. I am sorry.