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Hello. My friend got a new puppy. She already has two dogs and she lives with her parents. They don’t really like dogs and they’re very against keeping the dogs inside the house. They don’t have the problem with keeping them, but in the yard. She, on the other hand, loves her dogs and doesn’t want to keep them outdoors. The problem is, her puppy has started to chew things inside the house, her mother is furious. I decided to buy some chewing toys for her puppy, so can you help me choose? How should I pick the best and the safest chew toy for her puppy?


Hey there ruby.

Choosing the best and safest chew toy for puppy is always a complex situation because you don’t know which one to choose.

We should be happy because there are so many toys on the market and you can really choose good gift for this dog. I have rubber chews from Kong toys. They are made of puncture – resistant and super bouncy natural rubber.

You can’t make a mistake with it because they are for dogs of all ages and sizes. Frozen Kongs are also very popular treat.

You have them in several sizes and colors.

Good luck.




Hello lovely pet owners :)

I am so lucky because my Boo was never aggressive and he didn’t chew so many things in my house :)

I am still buying chewing toys for him because I can see that he just loves them.

Toys are no more luxury. Dogs need them and they need more than one kind. You should always pick a toy that is colorful, bright, some funky object, maybe some neon colors that can keep this his attention all the time.

I would try with yellow color because I see that dogs are really into this color.

When you are buying toys just buy from approved manufacturers.



Yeah I’m definitely choosing some bright color and I will try to find the shape that will remind him of the slippers that he destroyed a week ago.

The thing is, I heard that some of those brands that produce chew toys are not using very quality materials. I’ve heard that some of them can even be harmful for dog’s gums and teeth. That’s why I asked you, to see if you can suggest me some already approved and checked brand. I really want to go with natural rubber because he is a puppy and I believe his gum is very sensitive.



Hey there guys.

Ruby, you are totally right. Some manufacturers are trying to give us chewing toys that are really bad in quality. The most important thing, when you want to choose right and safest chew toy for your or your friend’s dog, you should read the label.

Just natural rubber is ok, other rubber is bad.

Kong toys are definitely approved and you should not be afraid to buy them.

Don’t give your dog organic bones. Rib bones are also no – no. Some manufacturers offers a pig eyes but they are bad for your pet stomach.

Good luck with search!



Well that’s easy. There are several things that you need to keep in mind while choosing a chew toy.

First of all if you decide to go with rubber, you need to check if you’re dealing with natural rubber. You were right about that.

Second, be careful about the size. If you are buying a chew toy for a large breed dog, chew toys for smaller breeds won’t do. They’re too small, large dog might swallow them.

And if you decide for rawhide chew toys, make sure to be there as a supervisor because these toy may pose a choking hazard.