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I've just been looking on my facebook page, I don't contribute much though.  Everyone on there come out with happy stuff, good photos and I'd love to join in but I have nothing fun to contribute. 

My stepson is staying with us (me & hubby) at present.  His partnership broke up, not his fault, but he was told that he wasn't loved anymore and go now.  Pretty harsh and although he sees his kids often he misses them and his lifestyle terribly........anyway I know he's having a hard time and it was my suggestion that he came to stay with us.    He lived with us 17 years ago and we got on really well.   It's been such a big mistake.  I've always thought that 1 mum is enough for anyone so I've always tried to be just a friend instead.  If I ask him anything about anything he gets angry.  I thought I was just being friendly, interested and helpful but as it turns out he sees it as prying, being nosey and no we're not friends at all.

At least he's been honest, but this revelation about how I'm seen by others is very hard to take. I feel embarrased when he comes home cos I know he doesn't want me there and he doesn't to be here. It's all such a mess.




Hello, You must not allow the way your step son treats you make you feel bad about yourself. I doubt others see you negatively. After all, you are being the good person by allowing him to stay with you and your hubby. He obviously is down because of his partnership breaking up and being told that he wasn't loved. I would suggest that you keep your distance for now but be there to give him love and support when the opportunity presents itself. I know somewhat how you feel though because I am a disabled man who worked as an electrician for the better part of my adult life. Now I pretty much stay around the house all day and am limited to my physical activity. When I became disabled my income went to a fraction of what it was and of course that caused financial difficulties. However, we press through it. I don't know if you're a religious person or not but I participate with a fairly large Church. There are activities for men and women to be involved in, you meet new people, and will likely find people who will care about you and give you encouragement and support for your daily life. I know you didn't say you didn't have much to do but I just assumed from the way you were talking about not having much to say on facebook.