So ive read that most of the time the NHS and one's health insurance will not cover labiaplasty. Why? because its deemed cosmetic. Many of the people with larger labia will more than happily inform you that their reasons for wanting the surgery are not cosmetic but purely because they want to feel better about themselves, often resulting is a major boost of self esteem. If having larger labia can supress one's self esteem, resulting in depression and withholding from becoming intimate with someone then surely that should be reason enough for being allowed the surgery cost free.
Charging someone a minimum of £2000 to get shed a mental upset is ridiculous; most unable to afford the costly procedure and forced to suffer in silence. If a procedure often taking less than 2 hours to perform enables one to be more intimate with a partner, feel better in themself and mentally rid of what society deems 'abnormal'; despite the various websites such as trying to inform women that they are perfectly normal, which i agree they are, but thats not for a website to decide. An individual who is able to happily live life with larger labia is all very well and good but the minority, or majority (who knows) aren't and therefore I aim to try and get the NHS and insurance companies to offer this procedure for free. Helping alot of women gain back some confidence in their lives.

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