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Hey folks. What is going on?

I am planning to buy Jack Russell Terrier. I know that they are hyperactive but I think that I can handle her ( I am going to buy a girl). She is still very small but in a month I will be able to take her.

My friend, who is selling me this dog told me a lot about vaccines. We were talking about disease and he mentioned canine circovirus. I don’t know what is it so when I came back my home I started to read about this. Is it really that dangerous? Is canine circovirus fatal to dogs?

Maybe I should not take this puppy…at all.. I am scared


Hey there Mr Crow.


Yes it can be fatal and can kill dogs. Unfortunately :(

This is a new virus and is striking dogs in the middle of the country. If this virus is not treated there is a chance to kill infected animals in just few days. Seven days at least!

So as you can see it is very dangerous.

Unfortunately, there are no vaccine for this ugly and dangerous disease.  

The worst problem is that symptoms are pretty much the same like for some other diseases that are not so dangerous. When it comes to symptoms you really need to react as soon as you notice that your dog's behavior is different.



Unfortunately this is very, very dangerous virus.

But luckily now there is a test which can help your vet to determine is canine circovirus fatal for your dog (if he is infected).

But this test is still not something that you can trust at this moment because researchers are still trying to determine the severity of this ugly disease.

I still believe that they will find the right solution.

It is relatively a new disease because it dates from 2012. Symptoms are similar to symptoms for some diseases that can be healed. That is a little bit confusing for all dog owners.

I believe that in future they will find the cure for it.



Hello. I agree with all other members – this disease can be fatal for your dog. It is hard to tell what you can do, it is hard to tell is there any way to prevent it. It is relatively new virus for dogs but generally it is not new virus in the world. And that is just one of the reasons why your vet won’t be able to tell you a lot about this. They used to call this “mystery disease” but I think that it is not that mysterious. At least not anymore. No one is sure what the cause of this disease is but it is very important to note that this disease has been found in the feces of a very healthy dogs.