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Hello friends.


Yesterday, I was talking with my boyfriend. He had a dog three years ago and he forget all about them.

He started telling me about canine circovirus. I know that this is an infection that causes vomiting and diarrhea.


I am sure that this is a new disease, but he keeps telling me that canine circovirus is common among dogs.

I know that I was reading that some dogs died last year because of circovirus, so that is why I think that this is new disease.


So, we don’t agree at this at all.


What are your experiences about this disease?

Is it true that is common?


I’ve never heard of this kind of virus before, but ever since I started visiting forums about home pets that word ‘’circovirus’’ started appearing everywhere. I read that this virus have been known to infect pigs and birds in the past, and it was just recently (three years ago) when it started attacking dogs. I think the first case of this virus among dogs appeared in 2012. It might be spreading, but I wouldn’t say that it’s common. I personally don’t know a single dog who was infected with it and I know a lot of dog owners. I’ve heard that some dogs died because of this virus in California and Ohio.



Hey there.

I have heard about this virus. I don’t know is it common or not but I do know some things about it.


It is not new disease at all but I remember that circovirus was usually linked to diseases in birds and pigs. In the past five years it is linked to diseases in dogs.


Still, this is not a big reason to be concerned. But it can happen that your dog can be isolated because of this disease.


Circo is very small virus and actually it is really common in the world.

I still believe that this virus is not that harmful to your dog.



Unfortunately it is very common. Even if the first reported case of circo occurred in June 2012 today it is very common.

If you think that you don’t have any reasons to be worried, you are totally wrong! This virus can be fatal. It is a new virus that can kill your dog in less than 48 hours!

I remember the story when three dogs died in Cincinnati. A lot of dogs were infected. If you notice that your dog is having bloody diarrhea, neurotically problems, lack of appetite and vomiting that can be signs that your dog is infected.